Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jung Rodriguez - CV

Aloha! I am one of many staff organizers of FoxyStilezArticles, a world-wide web content writing combine. We all post in English for worldwide world-wide-web visitors, and are on the market for written content production for your web-site. Listed below you may see my resume, and you'll be able to find other staff organizers and writers' resumes on this site. At the end of my resume, you're going to look at some good examples of our posted posts. For work requests, please contact us using the form on this web site and we'll react as soon as possible.


Jung Rodriguez

6144 Lumenpark Drive

North Dakota Bismarck



Graduated With Special Honors from Northwest University

10 years of authoring experience (mainly for Internet visitors)

Exquisite competency in English and Latin

Devoted, team-oriented employee with a talent for particulars

Job Expertise

FoxyStilezArticles, Toronto Canada

1998 - Present

Staff Organizer

In charge of setting up a global crew of writers to fit a complex set of output goals and objectives.

- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, expanding productivity by 35% throughout the world

- Properly kept steady records of project distribution

- Managed quality control for world output over a sizable crew of freelance writers

Additional Skills

Fluent in English and Latin

Sophisticated skills with a full selection of office software

Examples of Released Works

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