Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Love Story in Harvard

You really don't have to watch much of this but please, just watch a little. You'll giggle. I promise.

I was doing a search on Tudou for 哈佛, logic being that given the love many in Asia have for Harvard, some Tudou user must have at some point created an "I love Harvard" video. (Yes, this is how I waste my time.)

Instead, buried among all the "Harvard English" MP3 files, I found a Korean television show, Chuyen tinh Harvard (Love Story in Harvard), about a young Korean man's days as a Harvard law student. Because he's hot and his love interest, a Korean (or possibly Korean-American) Harvard medical student, is equally easy on the eyes, and because the whole thing is just so deliciously corny, I had no problem forgiving them their complete inability to speak English.

But what I want you to see is this part of an episode where the protagonist visits an old black woman to talk to her about a case he and some of his classmates are working on, pro bono. Keep in mind their dialogue was written by a Korean screenwriter (and I imagine "polished" by one of the American actors).

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