Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Is it time for the Indians to change their logo/mascot??

rom the page: "There have always been two sides to the "American Indian as a mascot" debate. I really do believe that the intention of a number of colleges and universities was to honor them. But enough members of the specific tribes complained, and in most cases, the mascots have been replaced. But to me, there is no "other side" to this debate."

"Chief Wahoo" is offensive to me and I claim only a small piece of Indian heritage as my own.

While not as offensive as "Redskins," I still think that at least the logo needs to be changed if not the mascot itself. If management can not take a leap into the 21st century then they should ban idiots like these:

from gaining admittance to games. If they are trying to honor Native Americans as they claim, the team should present a non-racist "face" of the franchise.

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