Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thoughts on Bonds

My friend Scottie's thoughts on Barry Bonds and his "record."

Fact: He's a cheater of the worst variety.
Fact: He's possibly the worst human being, as far as being a complete and boundlessly arrogant and insulting asshole, that the game has ever seen.

Combine those two ingredients with the fact that the single season HR record and the career HR record are "held" by this vile cunt and, yeah, it does nothing but damage baseball as a whole. Nothing.

As long as the game is played, and as long as that piece of shit's name is associated with those records, anyone with an IQ over room temperature will always know that his numbers are meaningless. Drug-enhanced meaningless.

In Scottie World, the single season home run record remains 61, held by Roger Maris. The career home run record remains 755, held by Hank Aaron.

If you want to accept that fucknozzle's numbers, than I fully expect you to be lobbying for Ben Johnson's Gold Medal to be returned to him and his 9.79 time reinstated as legitimate. And I would also expect you to lobby for Rosie Ruiz being recognized as the true 1980 Boston Marathon women's champion. And you can give Milli Vanilli their Grammy awards back while you're at it.

There is nothing heroic or useful about turning one's profession into a fraudulent disgraceful joke.


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